Protecting Your Life, Business, Family & Wealth

We are proud to announce that we are now a full brokerage and can assist you with the following services through all leading insurance providers in Canada.

Life Insurance

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Term Life

Get life insurance coverage that protects your family’s financial future and fits your personal needs.

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Whole Life

Discover how whole life insurance coverage protects your family’s financial security, now and in the future.

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Universal Life

Explore how universal protection combines the benefit of whole life insurance with an investment element.

Living Benefits Insurance

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Critical Illness

Get help when it counts protecting your financial security, and get valuable support to help you cope with the challenges of a serious illness.

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Disability Insurance

Discover how disability insurance can replace your income if a sudden illness or accident stops you from working.

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Travel Insurance

Get protection during your travels and adventures around the world and be worry-free, so you can do what you love.

Health Benefits

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Group Health and Dental Plans

Put your employee’s health and wellness first by investing in your company’s health with group benefits.

Individual Health and Dental Plans

Individual Health and Dental Plans

Discover how an individual health plan will help you cover medical expenses if you’re self-employed or don’t qualify for group plans.

Healthcare Spending Accounts Icon

Healthcare Spending Accounts (HSA)

Provide your employees’ coverage for health-related expenses not included in their group plan.


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Segregated Funds

Invest in funds that combine returns like mutual funds with the benefits of premium protection & having a beneficiary.

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​Protect yourself from outliving your savings and turn it into portions of regular income for the rest of your life.

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Guaranteed Interest Options (GIO's)

Discover the safe way to reach your financial goals through guaranteed interest options.

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Certified Financial Planning

Receive expert financial planning to help you navigate your finances and reach your financial goals.

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