Term Life Insurance

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Term Life

Coverage When It Matters Most in Life

Term life insurance is flexible coverage used to cover liabilities and protect your family or business during a specific time period.

Policies commonly cover:

10 Years

20 Years

30 Years

And will cover things like:

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Key Person Insurance for a Business

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College Tuition

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You will pay the same premiums while your term lasts, and once it expires, you can either renew your term at a new rate or switch to a permanent life insurance plan.

Term Insurance is a lower initial cost than other insurance types as it is a temporary need. It does not have a cash value and will pay a level benefit that is tax-free to your beneficiary at death.


Making sure a term insurance policy is ‘convertible’ is an important part of the planning process.

A convertible term insurance policy gives the option to be changed into a permanent or participating whole life policy in the future without showing more evidence of insurability.

This can complement almost any type of estate planning.

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