Whole Life Insurance

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Whole Life

Insurance Protection for Life

When you need a flexible tax-friendly way to protect what matters most, taking part in whole life insurance may be exactly what you’re looking for.

It not only provides lifelong protection, but it’s another way to grow your wealth through tax advantages and potential dividends.

Whole life policies can be owned individually and using your corporation (which offers additional tax incentives).

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It’s life insurance

When you die, your family, business or charity receives an insurance payout.

Tax Advantages

Your policy’s cash value grows tax-free while inside the policy, subject to government limits. When you pass on, the people and organizations you have named as a beneficiary will receive the insurance payout tax-free.

Yours for life

When you buy whole life insurance, you’re fully protected for your lifetime, and your insurance payments (called premiums) won’t go up, regardless of your age.


Everyone’s situation is unique. That is why whole life insurance gives you many options to customize based on your needs.

Grow your wealth

Over time, your life insurance policy builds cash value. You have guaranteed access to these funds, which you can use while you’re alive to cover emergency needs or fund a child’s education.


You may borrow, with interest, from your policy’s cash value and eventually pay it back. The cash value continues to grow as if you hadn’t taken out the money.

Potential dividends

When you buy whole life insurance, you share the participating account experience with everyone else who takes part in that product or insurance company. That includes risks and potential rewards. Each year, you may receive what’s called a policy owner dividend. Dividends have no guarantees, but once they’re paid, they’re yours.


You can permanently withdraw funds from your policy’s cash value. However, this decreases your policy’s cash value and your insurance payout size. And you may have to pay taxes on what you withdraw.

The Unique Features of Whole Life Coverage

Whole life insurance policies have a unique feature that makes them ideal vehicles for growing and protecting wealth—cash value.

What makes the cash value of your whole life policy so beneficial?

Uses for the cash value in a whole life policy include:

  • An Emergency Fund.
  • A Financial Foundation.
  • Use for other investment opportunities.
  • An Income during retirement.
  • Becoming your own bank.

Why Whole Life Insurance Should be Part of Your Portfolio

1. Returns Similar to Fixed Income

2. More Tax Efficient Than Bonds

3. Guaranteed Cash Values

4. Low Correlation to Equities

5. Enhances Estate Values

6. Increases Net Worth

7. Insurance for Life

8. Use Corporate Dollars vs. Personal Dollars

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